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Anonymous | 24 July 2012
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Dear doc video very interesting I had a vein injected was slightly protruding on inside of my knee and few months later a lot of small thread veins started to appear on my lower leg and shin area what do you think caused this to happen.I followed all instructions in after care. I must admit that my job at the time did not help very long hours of standing and heavy work. Am thinking of getting them done again and would appreciate some advice thanking you fran
Cosmetic Videos Moderator | 17 September 2012
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We are unable to give medical advice on this website.

I would recommend that you return to the clinic who originally treated you to discuss the implications that you have experienced from that original treatment. The description would indicate that your venous or vein system has not been 100% assessed which means that following the treatment of one vein this has caused other smaller veins to appear. The deeper vein structure therefore needs to be more thoroughly assessed by a medical practitioner. If you are unable to revisit the original clinic, then please use the Find a Clinic directory on The Consulting Room to locate a specialist clinic in your area.
Dan Huxley | 18 February 2013
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