Other High-Rated Videos

Tummy Tuck Operation to Reduce Abdominal Prominence

This video demonstrates the procedure where underlying stomach muscles are restitched and the tummy button is moved higher up in the abdomen following removal of excess skin.

Microcurrent Ultra Facial

Video demonstrating microcurrent therapy, LED light therapy and sonophoresis (transdermal delivery of hyaluronic acid) for an ultra facial treatment.

How is Microsclerotherapy used to treat Thread Veins?

Dr Haroun Gajraj of the VeinCare Centre illustrates how Microsclerotherapy is used to treat Thread Veins

Video illustrating Microsclerotherapy injection of leg thread veins

Dr Gajraj demonstrates a Microsclerotherapy procedure

A demonstration of  Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) as part of a Hair Transplant Procedure

Dr Raghu Reddy demonstrates the process of Follicular Unit Extraction