Medical Photography & Digital Imaging

The use of professional photography and digital imaging is paramount in a medical environment. We have all seen before and after pictures supporting various miracle products in the press, where the lighting is different, the angles changed, the before photo is without make-up and in the after the client is fully made-up!

The use of digital photography gives both the practitioner and the patient/client a baseline to work from in relation to assessing the improvements achieved via treatments ranging from topical skincare, cosmetic injectables and laser treatments, through to cosmetic surgery. Without standardised (same pose, same light etc.), quality images, these days digital, it is impossible to accurately evaluate the success of a treatment regime.

Digital imaging software has also been developed over the years to analyse surface skin imperfections, such as pigmentation, wrinkles, thread veins and scaring as well as evaluate 3D contours of the face and body.

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3D imaging in plastic surgery

The next horizon for plastic surgery is 3D imaging. We live in a 3D world - so why not do your consult in 3D?