Facial Ageing

The signs of ageing on a person`s face start to show as early as the end of the second or the beginning of the third decade of a person`s life. Changes that occur to our skin as we age include a loss of elasticity; wrinkles starting to develop and become deeper; we may notice unevenness in our skin tone and texture with some areas of brown pigmentation (often called age spots) and fine red thread veins. In addition an underlying loss of fatty tissue can also cause our skin to become loose and sag resulting in a hollowed appearance around the cheek area, and jowls around the chin and jaw.

Skin specialists now believe that most of the changes that we see in our skin as we grow older are due to the sun (sometimes referred to as "photodamage").

There are a range of treatment options available for the cosmetic improvement of the skin which address issues such as pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, facial skin tightening and thread veins.

Complexion Improvement Treatment Options Line and Wrinkles Treatment Options

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