Breast Uplift or Mastopexy

A breast uplift or mastopexy operation raises the breast tissue, repositions the nipple and areola, and enhances breast shape. If the areola have been stretched over time, they can also be reduced in size.

With age, weight loss or childbirth, a woman's breasts may lose their shape and tone, so that the breast tissues begin to sag and eventually the nipples point downwards. Women who undergo a breast lift may also seek to increase the size of their breasts with a breast implant.

Breast lift surgery is usually performed under a general anaesthetic. Private costs for a breast uplift can range from approximately £4,500 - £5,500.

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Videos in this category

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This video describes what is involved with a breast lift or mastomexy operation using animation to illustrate the details of the procedure.

The Classification of Breast Droop or Ptosis

This video describes the different grades of breast droop and explains why some grades are best treated with a breast implant alone, some with a breast uplift surgery and some with combined breast uplift surgery and breast implants.

Removal of Breast Implants followed by a Breast Uplift Procedure

Example of a woman who had breast implants inserted underneath the muscle which sat too high in the chest wall causing the natural breast tissue too droop. This woman elected to have them removed in conjunction with a breast uplift procedure.

An Explanation of Breast Uplift Surgery Combined with Breast Implants

Brief introduction to Breast Uplift Surgery (mastopexy) combined with breast enlargement for women who have smaller, drooping breasts wishing to have breast implants.

Breast Uplift Surgery, or Mastopexy Operation

Video demonstrating the removal and re-stitching of the nipple and removal of excess skin, and repositioning of underlying breast tissue to lift and reshape the breast following massive weight loss